Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to school 2011

Well that time of year is back of getting back into schedules and the business that comes with school. Mix that with Soccer, baseball, cross-country and other things and that is "our crazy life." Thanks Izzy for making me do this update:)

Isabella is turning 16 on October 2 and is a Sophomore this year WOW were has time gone. She is loving school and can't wait to start dating.

Christopher is in 8Th grade and can't wait till High school but is enjoying his last year in middle school and has had fun spending time with Emily. They have band together and are both doing cross-country.

Emily started middle school and is loving it! She has really come out of her shell and is enjoying it. She is learning to play the flute and doing well in all her classes.

Mason is in fourth grade and is proud to say he has been on the AWESOME board in his classroom since school started. He is truly an amazing young man and is lucky to have such a good brother for an example.

Karlie also started school this year. She is going to Wheatland Pre-school and loving it! She is so smart and so darn cute. She knows all her friends names and is constantly talking about the class pet Priscilla.


Cherie said...

They all look great!! I'm glad they're enjoying school... I hope it's a great year for you too!

clairz said...

Oh, those beautiful children. There should be a train from Las Cruces to Wheatland--wouldn't that be a nice thing?


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